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Natural Sinus Remedies [English - Bahasa] Print E-mail

Natural sinus remedies.

Chronic sinusitis affects between 30 and 40 million people in the United States alone every year, and making it one of the most frequently diagnosed chronic conditions.

Symptoms of sinusitis is difficult to breathe through your nose, headache, pain behind the eyes, pain in the cheek.
Lupus, Lifelong Struggle - How to cure Lupus Natural - Permanent [English - Indonesia Print E-mail
Lupus disease is generally a chronic disorder that is immune to the problem. Humans have an immune system that functions to attack foreign bodies, viruses, bacteria or germs that can cause disease. However, in people with lupus, the immune system that should serve as a protective body abnormalities. The body can not distinguish between foreign substances that must be destroyed by the body's own tissue is beneficial for survival
Know Lupus - Cure Lupus [english - bahasa] Print E-mail
Lupus discussed this time is not a young man who became a character in the story books popular teenager who had several years ago. Lupus is a scary kind of illness. Not yet known for certain causes. Almost all sufferers of this disease are women. Although this disease is not too much, it never hurts to find out more lupus.
Lady Doc Gets Death Threats for Revealing TOP SECRET Fat Loss Secret to General Public Print E-mail

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to forever shed countless pounds, stay healthy, and add many years to your life!
A lady doctor from Arizona has blown the lid off the best-kept secret in weight loss ever discovered -- and this has the whole diet food and drug industries turned upside down and in nothing less than a torrential uproar.

High fever - Demam tinggi [English - Bahasa] Print E-mail

High fever

Fever is the body's way to kill viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells. However, the fever still need to be controlled because it can cause brain damage and death. But how high fever?
  • Normal body temperature is around 37.0 º C.
  • We may have the flu when we walk in temperature above 38.0 º C.
  • However, the fever began to be dangerous only after exceeding 39.0 º C.
  • Above 41.0 º C, death would probably occur.
Pentingkah Magnesium, agar badan menjadi sehat Print E-mail
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(NaturalNews) Berikut adalah kutipan dari buku "Transdermal Magnesium Terapi" oleh Dr Mark Sircus, AC., OMD yang memperkenalkan cara yang inovatif untuk meningkatkan kadar magnesium kami melalui sepenuhnya cara alami, dan dengan cara yang lebih cepat daripada produk oral lakukan .
Get Ready for New Weight-Loss Drugs Print E-mail
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Given the size of the obesity problem in the United States—and, increasingly, around the world—you'd expect the weight-loss drug market to be, well, huge. It's not. According to the market research firm Datamonitor, while the global market for drugs to combat diabetes will hit a projected $37 billion by 2018, the obesity drug market is likely to come to just $600 million. The reasons? A history of drugs haunted by sometimes dangerous side effects (including, most recently, the risk of heart problems associated with sibutramine, sold under the Meridia name in the United States, for some people with health issues) and the complex physiology of weight regulation.
How To Detoxify Heavy Metal From Your Body Print E-mail
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During our lives we slowly ingest minuscule amounts of metal. While each intake is small and insignificant, those small and insignificant amounts of metal build up. Over time the continual ingestion of metal plagues our bodies; causing us to feel fatigued, irritable and foggy. But those are just subtle symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Research has shown long term effects of heavy metal poisoning to be linked to Alzheimers Disease and Autism in children. If you are wondering how to detoxify heavy metal from your body then here are some suggestions for you.
Menghilangkan Batu Empedu Secara alami Tanpa Operasi Print E-mail
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Pengalaman ini telah saya aplikasikan pada seorang kerabat yang istri ybs mengalami masalah dengan livernya dan hasil dari pemeriksaan dokter bahwa perlu operasi pengangkatan batu empedu. Dikarenakan terbentur masalah ekonomi  maka di carilah solusi alternative  sebagai berikut.

Cervical Cancer [kanker serviks] Print E-mail
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Kanker Serviks

Apa leher rahim?

Leher rahim merupakan bagian dari sistem reproduksi wanita. terletak di panggul. Leher rahim lebih rendah dan sempit dari bagian rahim (rahim).

Leher rahim adalah sebuah lorong:

Leher rahim menghubungkan uterus ke vagina. Selama periode menstruasi, darah mengalir dari rahim melalui leher rahim ke dalam vagina. Vagina mengarah ke bagian luar tubuh.

Gagal Ginjal - Penyebab, Gejala dan Pengobatan Print E-mail
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Ginjal adalah bagian penting dari tubuh dan itu alasan ada dua dan tidak satu. Bahkan jika berhenti berfungsi orang masih bisa hidup normal dengan satu ginjal. Namun, masalah terjadi ketika menghadapi kedua gagal ginjal. Ginjal mengontrol dan mengelola cairan dalam tubuh dan pada saat yang sama membantu pembuangan limbah dari cairan dari tubuh. Ada banyak penyebab gagal ginjal yang dapat dikelompokkan sebagai penyebab Prerenal; ginjal menyebabkan; Post menyebabkan ginjal; gagal ginjal kronis.

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